Methods of Effective Brainstorming

brainstormMethods of Effective Brainstorming

Brainstorming is a method of gathering ideas quickly. The purpose is to get as many ideas as possible in a short amount of time. There are several different methods to brainstorm ideas successfully. Four of them are Mapping, Cubing, Breaking Down and Listing.Mapping is a method of brainstorming ideas that involves visually connecting related ideas. Start by writing the topic down in the center of a piece of paper. Next, moving around the paper, quickly write down as many related concepts as possible. (more…)


Improve How to Write

writingImprove how to write

Writing is an effective way to express your thoughts, opinions and feelings to other people. Writing can be fun as well as entertaining, and there are different ways to use writing in your daily life. However, you’ll need to convey your information in an interesting and concise manner. If you need to improve how to write, there are several ways in which you can learn to become a better writer. You can hone your craft and improve how to write by paying attention to your audience, examining grammar and punctuation, and getting peer evaluation. (more…)


Expressing Yourself through Writing

Most people overlook the therapeutic value of writing. It is a great resource and can be used by almost anyone. The act of writing down your thoughts can bring comfort and satisfaction unlike any other activity. And you don’t have to come up with profound, organized and amazing literary pieces, it can just about anything that you think of.  Some people write about the things that bug them and the stuff that makes them happy. It can be about small discoveries made in the course of a day or simply an account of your experience. The beauty of writing is that it’s an open activity – there are no set boundaries and no subject that cannot be covered.

The process gives people an outlet and allows them to vent out their feelings. The act of writing helps release you from the pressures and stresses of the day and can be helpful in resolving conflicts and problems. It is also a whole lot cheaper than consulting with a professional. 

Most of us are more prepared than we think. Who could forget the loads of essays that you have to write up for English subjects or the tedious process of writing a term paper as a completion requirement for a college degree? These exercises deals with a set structure for writing and makes us familiar with one of the more complicated forms of writing.

The other side to this is doing it for creative purposes. Doing it in this manner will give you a unique sense of satisfaction. You can do it the old fashioned way using pen and paper or take advantage of what technology offers. The Internet plays host to thousands of blogs that covers practically all topics that people can think of. Some consider their blogs as private journals – a place where they can write random thoughts or express their frustrations and disappointments. Reviewing their entries another day helps them come to terms with their situation and possibly, come up with a solution to their problems.

The power and beauty of writing is that it encourages self expression. It allows you to look at yourself more deeply and with better understanding. This process has the potential of developing an extraordinary talent that can help you handle life better.


How To Create An Online Creative Writing Course Comparable To A University Class

It was once thought that writing could never be taught online through an e-learning course. However, there are loads of creative writing courses online that are getting great reviews that have been very successful, and with the abundance of students who are eager to jump into the industry, it is a viable business idea to create and operate your own online creative writing course.

In fact, through a partnership with other online training websites, Subway University has reported that more of their partner training material will be offered online, as it is both more cost effective and easier to distribute. This is significant because the more success such courses have with the large organizations, i.e. the University of Subway, the more it will be adopted by the smaller ones.

What Subjects to Teach

Most courses contain similar subjects, but they are generally dealt with in a wide range of different ways. The following are some of the basic topics that might be covered in an online creative writing course:

  • The Reality of Being a Professional Writer - This topic is best introduced early in the course. Unfortunately, many people gravitate towards creative jobs, such as writing, because they have an idealistic view that they are easy, glamorous, and lucrative. Finding real-life stories of the difficulties that professional writers have faced is a great way to give students a reality-check. It is best that they understand what the industry is really like, even if it might disappoint them.
  • The Difference Between “Showing” and “Telling” - Students should know that simply stating facts, opinions, or feelings, does not work well to hold a reader’s interest. It is better to “show” with words, by creating descriptions and atmosphere.
  • Describing the World Around You - This is a fun topic, and students should be encouraged to find every-day things, such as people, places, and objects, and creatively describe them in a variety of ways. I have had students take up a seemingly mundane topic, like working at McDonald’s, and describe it with vivid imagery and great detail within a few tries to great results.
  • Character Development - Story-writers will need to be masters of creating unique characters; these are the people in stories. This can be a challenging, but also rewarding, area to deal with.
  • How to Write Dialogue - People talk, and they talk a lot, so a good story will contain plenty of smart, inventive, interesting dialogue. Many people struggle with this topic, but it can also be plenty of fun.
  • How to Structure Plot - While there are really no rules for plotting a story, there are different guidelines that help beginners develop their own skills. Use the common plot types as examples, so that your students can start to understand the importance that plot structure plays.
  • Narrative Point of View - This subject can become too technical for some people, but it is important to learn how to identify and use the different narrative viewpoints that exist.
  • Resource Gathering - Resources are an essential element for many writers, whether they are photographs, drawings, snippets of text from books and magazines, newspaper articles, music, or something different. Some students might have trouble thinking of places to look, so it helps to point them in the right direction, with the tools necessary to seek out these resources.

What Subjects Not To Teach

Most people do not sign up for creative writing lessons because they want to learn grammar and writing techniques; in fact, these topics might scare students away, as many artistic people dislike what they view as strict rules. Many students will have studied basic writing in school or even as part of a corporate education curriculum with one of the top training programs in business, and will probably be annoyed if they are given English lessons instead of creative writing ones. For those who are looking for help with their technique, make sure you do have some study material and tasks for them to look at in their own time.


How throwing knife can be useful for hunting

My job requires me to think creatively. Sometimes it is impossible to get creative when I am sitting in the office with four walls. When my brain gets stuck, I often go to the woods and find inspiration from the nature.

Among all the outdoor activities, hunting is probably one of my favorite. It requires stealth, tactics, concentration and skills. In order to hunt successfully, you need to have the right tools. The main weapons I use are the “recurve” bows and throwing knives. Hunting with bow and arrows is something you can rely on. It is powerful and accurate but sometimes reloading can take times and this is where the throwing knives come in handy. Usually I would start off by shooting an arrow at the prey, when I miss, I would draw my knives out and throw them at the prey. Hunting could be boring if you are using advanced weapons like rifle or bows. This is why I think throwing knife is the new and exciting way to hunt.

Find the right sizes

All you need is focused dedication and practice before you can master the art of hunting with a throwing knife. The first thing you need to look into is to determine the game you intend to hunt. You need to determine the size of your knife accordingly. In general, a dagger or double-edged knife works best. If you are to hunt a large game, then a 12-ounce knife is ideal. However, for smaller ones, such as a fowl or rabbit, an 8-ounce knife would suffice. I’m telling this from a personal perspective, as I’m used to using both of such knives. Based on the game, you need to determine the knife that would best suit you for the hunting process.

I used to throw my hunting knives at the prey. Many hunting knives have the gut hook, which could be useful while skinning your preys but not so useful when it comes to throwing. After a while, I realized that hunting knives are not made for throwing. They tend to break easily and they don’t have a balance body that gives you an effective throw. The worst thing is that they are quite expensive. So I started doing some research online and found out that there are knives which are made for throwing purpose only. They are not very expensive so I bought a few of them and my only regret is that I should have bought them earlier.

How to pick the best throwing knife

A good throwing knife should be center balanced. Unlike a hunting knife, a throwing knife shouldn’t be too sharp. You want to draw the knives quickly without looking so a sharp blade might actually hurt yourself if you are not careful. And all you need to kill a prey is the point of the knife, not the blade.

If you are also looking for a good throwing knife for hunting, try the Gil Hibben knives. I have been using this brand for a while and the quality is really good. This high-quality knife is the prime choice in terms of quality that comes with an affordable price tag. It feels extremely sturdy and it has a wonderful grip, this knife has never disappointed me.


Creating More Time To Write

Even though I work from home I am always looking for ways to save time so I can write more. My husband works full time from morning to night and the kids go to school from 8 – 3:30pm. Therefore my main working hours are 9am to 3pm. The problem is that I am bad at creative writing when I have other things on my mind. Things such as what am I going to cook for dinner tonight. When am I going to have time to vacuum the living room. And so on. But I have recently found a solution to both these nagging problems. I bought a gadget that does the cooking for me and and a gadget that does the vacuuming for me. Both are affordable, stress-free and do a good job at their job. I wanted to tell you about them because they have really transformed my writing and my family thinks I’ve been slaving away all day cooking and cleaning.

The slow cooker I bought allows you to chuck in a bunch of food in the morning and it slow cooks it perfectly all day. You can get different sizes, shapes and styles for different needs and they all seem to turn out delicious healthy meals with ease. Let me tell you about an example meal that is easy to prepare and the family will love it.

  1. Get a full frozen chicken from the supermarket.
  2. Get a bag of potatoes and carrots and a few onions.
  3. Chop up the onions.
  4. Put the onions and carrots and chicken in the slow cooker with some chicken stock and water.
  5. Press on and let it cook for 8 hours.
  6. Enjoy the meal with your family.

And there are literally thousands of recipes that you can follow to create mouthwatering meals with no more than 10 minutes preparation time.

With a slow cooker I save about 1 hour, and more importantly, I don’t stress all day worrying what to cook for dinner and when to start cooking. It’s great. I get so much more writing done each day.

And let me tell you about this little smart vacuum thing I purchased. For the same price as a really good vacuum you get a vacuum that vacuums on its own. You program a timer and it goes around the room avoiding objects and vacuuming the room. It’s like one of those pool vacuums that goes along the bottom without you guiding it. It’s pretty silent so it doesn’t bother me and it saves me a solid 20 minutes per day. It does a great job vacuuming as well. My husband thinks I’m a machine doing all this cleaning and cooking each day. But little does he know I’m just sitting in my office creating masterpiece writing because I have 6 stress free writing hours per day now.

We all have “chores” that need to get done each day. Sometimes those “chores” are damaging to our creative habit and sometimes they waste unnecessary time. If you do a bit of research like I did you can usually find a smart device or gadget to help you save time and get rid of stress.


What a briefcase tells you about a person

In the world of today communication is evolving. The first people on earth only communicated with gestures. Later the Sumerians introduced cuneiform, the first language known to people.

Since then a lot has changed. Certainly the methods of communicating have evolved. Before we could only communicate by speaking to each other or writing letters. Today we can write an e-mail or text message or speak through VoIP programs such as Skype. We can phone each other or receive information through, radio, television, internet, newspapers, etc.

Methods of communication have changed significantly. How fast we can communicate is maybe what changed most. We really have an instant global communication today. We can call from the US to Europe in matter of seconds. We can chat to people oversea in no time. And we have satellites that spin around the earth the whole time.

When speaking about communication we think most of the time about verbal communication (although it can be written communication). However there is another kind of communication which is very important: Non-verbal communication.

When 2 people communicate only 10% is verbal, the rest is non-verbal. Non-verbal communication can be the tone how we speak, how fast we speak, what we wear, how we behave.

In Wall Street you have a high amount of people with briefcases just like these. Let’s say you carry a briefcase, wear a nice costume and have some basic knowledge about the stock market. Chances are high you would just fit in. Why? Because the first thing the other stock brokers see is what you wear. You are wearing the same clothes as them. So they already assume you’re part of their group. This assuming is actually based on the fact that you are communicating in a non-verbal way that you’re part of their group. It’s like they say: clothes make the man.

It’s actually the same with wallets or other accessories like shoes. Let’s say you go into a bar and you want to order a drink. You have one of these unique leather wallets and pull out a 100$ note to pay for your drink. Let’s say there are 2 girls sitting on a barstool next to you. You can be sure, they’ve noticed it.

Let’s say you have a plain plastic wallet. You order the same drink. No one will expect you to take out a 100$ note. And the girls will probably look the other way. As they say: looks are deceiving. It is this kind of non-verbal communication that takes into account the biggest part in communication. Verbal communication is only a small part of communication.

You would think that with more distant communication the non-verbal part would become less and less important. This is not the case. Where we initially text chatted with people, video calls are becoming more frequent. This is also the case for phone calls. Video calls are now on the rise. The reason for this is that verbal communication is missing out of a crucial part of the communication. Yes, the non-verbal part. When we speak to someone we want see their emotional reactions: happy, sad, surprised, etc. Words can only tell us so much. Even text messages or e-mails contain emoticons for this sole reason.

We conclude that most communication between persons is non-verbal communication and that this is an important part of communication that we can’t neglect.


When Inspiration Hits, Get Writing

As a writer, I always make sure that I am prepared to write at any given moment. After all, when inspiration strikes, you should always get to writing, because you write best when you are inspired.

To keep myself on my toes, I always keep a pen and a small notebook on my lanyard, so that I can carry them around easily. I also keep notepads in all of my bags, so that I always have paper to write on. When I feel particularly inspired and I have nothing to write with, I sometimes resort to more desperate measures, such as writing on an old paper bag or on some paper towels.

Writing, especially creative writing, is a way to communicate and a way to express yourself. I have always believed in a saying that a book that has not been read is a book that has no value. Books, poems, and other writings only have value if there is a reader. Of course, this does not mean that you write exclusively for other people. It is a noble pursuit to write for yourself, and to be your own reader.

For me, writing is something that I pursue in the name of art. My favourite thing to write is poetry, and I have put together quite a few over the years – some poems I am proud of, the others, not so much. But whether I write good poems or compose bad ones, the important thing is that I love writing.

The greatest inspiration to write will always be your own, undying passion. You become a writer because you love it, and because you want your thoughts and feelings to flow through your pen and onto the written page.

Writing is a source of joy, and even if I feel a bit sheepish about a specific piece of writing, the elation I feel after finishing it is dizzying.

When I first started out, I was too ashamed to share my poems with others. I was so disheartened that I felt that I should just give up on my passion completely, because I will never be good enough as a writer. It was one of the most uninspiring moments of my life.

However, with the support of my family and friends, I was able to improve. They give me constructive criticisms for my work and have helped me become better at my craft. In fact, once they have found out that I enjoyed writing creatively, they started asking me to read my latest poems and stories out loud to them in the evenings. It has truly helped boost my self esteem.

Lastly, I take inspiration from nature and the environment. There is nothing more inspiring than watching the sun set over the ocean, or listening to the breeze rustle through the leaves of an ancient tree. I would spend hours out on the fields with my pen and notebook on hand, enjoying the outdoors and taking ideas from it.

Inspiration and writing go hand in hand, and you all you have to do is to sit down and take advantage of it. Writing makes me happy, and I am glad that I seized every moment where inspiration struck.


Teaching Children the Importance of Environmental Awareness Through the Creative Arts

In our world today, particularly the United States, there is very little integration of environmental issues, awareness and policies into our education systems current academic curriculum. With the recent rise in global concern for our planet and the conservation of all our natural resources, it has become critical that we find a way to ensure today’s youth understands its value, and what each can do to help reduce his or her carbon footprint. A group of teachers from all over the country joined together to determine what would be the best way to successfully implement environmental concepts into current curricula, so that it is both fun and informative. The conclusion of the meeting resulted in the following: teachers must focus on implementing courses and activities not only into common science curricula, but also into the creative arts curricula.

The idea of incorporating critical planetary issues regarding sustainability into other areas of academia arose after one U.S. based creative arts teacher took a trip to Boulder, Colorado to visit a good friend who is an acupuncturist and who is also heavily involved in the go-green movement. The primary reason the teacher took this trip is because she wanted to gain a deeper understanding of the current state of our environment from a tree-hugging veteran. Upon her stay, she learned quite a lot and had the pleasure of learning a wealth of information not only but the arts, but also about various eco-friendly products on the market, in addition to holistic approaches to leading a healthier lifestyle. Every product in her friend’s home was made from renewable resources. From her medicine cabinet, which was made up of entirely holistic alternatives, to her bath towels: every item was eco-friendly. She even had hypoallergenic eco-friendly bamboo sheets from Unbearably Soft Bamboo!

With that being said, the trip promoted the idea of integrating environmental issues into the classroom in the form of the arts. Kids want to be entertained, they want to be created and they want to have fun. What better way is there to instill critical planetary issues into our children, then through a fun and creative art project? If you’re an artistic and abstract like myself, it is likely that you find great value in the development of solutions to major global problems through a means of artistic expression. In fact, it is one of the best ways to make a statement about any major issue going on in the world right now. In conclusion, I would like to encourage all educational institutions and educators to seriously consider the incorporation of environmental awareness into a subject that does not typically bore our youth, but instead, informs them in a creative way and inspires them to act.

Please note, when you begin to develop the course regime and curriculum for your students, it is advised that you design the art project in a way that highlights the problem and encourages children to create solutions that can be performed within their local communities. This is not only the best way to educate children about their planet, it is also a great way to put the power into their hands, and show them an eco-friendly lifestyle that can be created right from their backyards!


My Home Office Gets Its Finishing Touches

I’m sitting in the space that will be my new world. I am so excited.

Only a year or so ago, setting up my own business and working from home seemed impossible, but now it’s all happening and I couldn’t be happier. I’ve been a copywriter in an agency for years and while I’ve always loved my job, I’m keen to spend more time at home now that the kids are getting older. It would have been good do so when they were little, but I know I’d never have been able to work with them around. Now that they’re teenagers, I know they’ll be off living their own lives before I know it, so I want to be around and involved in their lives as much as I can until that time comes.

I already have a number of clients lined up and I know I’ll be able to find more. I have a good reputation and what’s more, the agency has said they’ll pass me work. All I need to do now is get my home office ready. I’ve got some of the furnishings and I’ve ordered myself a new MacBook Pro. The room that’ll be my office is a really sunny room that faces south, so I need to be very careful about heat and light. In summer time the room gets extremely hot. It’s for this reason that I’ve selected my blinds really carefully. I wanted something affordable, functional and stylish at the same time. I really like window coverings from this brand, because know they will give me the style that I want at the same time as something that will block out the strong sunlight. I’ve found the perfect solution and I’m just hanging them now. I’m so proud of myself. Here I am, starting a new business and able to hang my blinds; that’s no mean feat!

But it’s not just the decoration that I need to get right for my office, I need to make sure that I have everything I need to work like clockwork, because irrespective of the fact that I’ll be working from home, I must make sure that I make at least as much money as I did before. I’m no financial wizard, so I’ve made sure that I have everything sorted out as it should be at the bank and I’ve hired Virtual Business Source to do my bookkeeping and my accounts. By working with them, I know that my affairs will be in order. All I need to do is scan and mail all of my invoices and receipts to them and they’ll do the rest. This means that I will be able to check up on my financial performance day or night, because they work on the cloud and that means that I have 24/7 access to all the information I need to know if my new business is on track or not.

I am so excited about my new venture. I can’t wait to be sending out my first piece of work.


Big Sporting Events Are Environmental Hazards

American Football is the most popular spectator sport in the United States and between August and February over 2 million people gather in 16 different stadiums across the country every weekend. Probably only a handful of them think about the environmental consequences of big sporting events.

To be honest with you, for many years I also didn’t really care. I went to several football games with my whole family and we really had a great time in and around the stadium. The first time, the huge energy consumption of a football stadium became obvious to me, was during last year’s Super Bowl in the Saints’ stadium – the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans, Louisiana. During the third quarter the lights suddenly went out leaving the teams and fans in the dark and the game had to be suspended for more than half an hour.

This made me thinking because normally power outages only happen during heat waves or thunderstorms, so a big sporting event like the Super Bowl must consume an extraordinary amount of energy to be able to paralyze the power grid of a city like New Orleans. After some digging I found a very interesting story on this topic: While President Obama was on a trip to Africa last year to promote his new initiative “Power Africa”, the president of Liberia Ellen Johnson Sirleaf claimed that the Cowboys stadium near Dallas consumes more energy than the total capacity of Liberia’s power grid. I’ve personally not been to the Dallas Cowboys home, yet, but I regularly watch Dallas Cowboys games online and already noticed the huge video boards in the stadium. According to an energy analyst working for the Wall Street Journal, the AT&T stadium needs 10 megawatts of energy at peak demand on a regular NFL game day. This is more than three times the energy Liberia is able to pump into its national grid. So American football consumes an incredible amount of energy to power the stadiums and we should clearly think about how to reduce this energy consumption.

Some sports are also trying to improve the situation. The NBA recently started a promotion to make the franchises and the fans more environmentally conscious. In addition to that, two groups of environmentalists try to reduce the energy consumption of college campuses and their football stadiums. In all sports, stadiums are now trying to advertise with their LEED certifications and their ways to be more energy efficient.

But what about other sports in other countries? I found another article that looked into the energy consumption of Premier league soccer matches in England. According to that article, the energy consumed in one game would be sufficient to power nearly 800 American homes for one year and the writers came to the conclusion that you should rather watch sports at your neighborhood bar than in a stadium.

I took this advice to heart and albeit my family was a little sad at first, we don’t go to American football games anymore. Instead, we regularly invite friends to come to our place and have a nice barbecue on our patio and then watch the game together at home.


The Benefits of Tea for Stress Relief

Today has been one of those days where my surroundings have greatly affected the way I think. I generally have no problem in rolling with the punches, I can usually switch gears pretty easily too. But today, for some strange reason, every stimulation got under my skin. As I set about my daily tasks, I noticed that everything that went wrong was extremely irritating. From the moment that I broke my favorite coffee cup to the moment I forgot my lunch in the oven, this day has been a disaster. The thing is, there have been many days like this one, days where I was able to bounce back and brush these irritations aside. But something was different about today, and it took me a while to understand what it was.

It was the humidity in the air. Today, unlike most days, the atmosphere caused my stress level to be elevated drastically. From one irritation to the next, I found myself growing angry and no able to find satisfaction in any task that I performed. I tried taking a nap about halfway through the day, but this only made me feel worse when I woke. It was when I started looking through my email that I spotted something interesting. It was an ad about green tea.

I had heard many things about green tea benefits, its stress relieving properties are almost unrivalled by any other product. In fact green tea benefits are only second to one other tea that professed to the be best type of tea for stress relief and other health concerns. According to what I was reading, peppermint tea is the ultimate stress reliever available to those who need a natural solution to a horrific day like mine. I thought about all the other things that I tried to relieve my tension and stress, including white tea benefits, and realized that I may be missing out on another solution. I decide to try the peppermint tea and see what all the fuss was about.

I looked through the cabinet finding several boxes of tea that I had purchased at the health food store. I was pleased to find that I could enjoy both peppermint and white tea benefits directly in my home. I opened a box and went to work on brewing a nice cup of peppermint concoction. When the tea was ready, I sat back in my recliner and took a nice long sip of the aromatic brew. The taste was lovely and tingling, very nearly like drinking a warm cup of liquid candy cane, but much lighter. It was indeed a very nice change from my usual cup of coffee. As I finished my cup of peppermint tea, I noticed that my anger was subsiding and most of the tension had drained from my body. It was true, I had found something that would relieve the harsh tension and save the remainder of my day.

I won’t always have good days, many days are going to be much like this one. But the great aspect about days such as today, is that I don’t have to stumble through he much and mire with a negative attitude. Peppermint tea apparently relieves stress, clears sinuses and helps you sleep as well. I guess it’s okay if I am angry, the most important aspect is to make sure that my anger doesn’t get the best of me, and affect my health. I am excited about finding more natural remedies like peppermint tea.


Hunting, Fishing and Hiking – Booming Again?

The great outdoors is a vast an expansive place. With endless possibilities for adventure, exploration and discovery the appeal of getting closure to nature is apparent. With increasing focus being given to conservation and environmental protection, getting closer to nature is perhaps not as easy as it once was. However, the traditional means are still viable, with hunting, fishing, hiking and exploration enjoying considerable booms in their popularity. For each of these activities, a certain standard of equipment is needed to fully enjoy the experience. One of these tools, and often underestimated in terms of their importance, is the knife. A decent knife can go a long way to making you trip to getting closer to nature a much more enjoyable and successful experience.

With potential to be used in a multitude of situations, a good knife really is essential for anyone that frequents the outdoors. Whether it’s to cut ropes down to size, trim down your fishing line, strip excess leaves from your firewood, for gutting your captured hunt or just to open packaged camping food, a quality knife is going to come in handy. With pen knives or Swiss army knives likely to come up a little short, and the fact that you’ll never need all of the attachments crammed into their enclosure, the most logical purchase is going to be a folding knife. With much thicker, stronger and sharper blades and more ergonomic designs making extended use much more comfortable, folding knives may cost a little more than a pen knife, but they really justify their price. The blade material also tends to be of a much higher quality than with everyday knives, meaning a folding knife is going to last longer and keep the rust at bay for a considerable amount of time, provided they are maintained properly.

Safe and easy to use, folding knives have made their way from the wilderness into the hearts of many a nature enthusiast. With a blade large enough and sharp enough to make the more arduous of camping and hunting tasks far from laborious, the folding knives have proved their usefulness in a multitude of situation. Costing not much more than your average pen knife, you can pick up a decent folding knife for just over $25, the Ontario RAT II Tactical Folding Knife is a prime example.

Equipped with a 4 way clip position, heavy duty construction and a razor-sharp AUS-8 blade, the Ontario RAT II is the ideal choice for those looking for their first folding knife for all their outdoor needs. At just over three inches in length, it’s small enough to fit inside your pocket and with fast and smooth deployment thanks to the phosphor bronze bushings its simple and easy to use at all times. With a safe tight lock system preventing accidental release of the blade, the knife is also a great choice for younger campers and hunters. More information about folding knives can be found over at the